Great things are done when a series of small things brought together
The first yield farming NFT game on the TRON blockchain from the USWAP team.
You can buy Lory tokens at the pre-sale price during the Initial DEX Offering (IDO).
NFT Marketplace
The NFT Marketplace is a platform where works of art are purchased sold in the form of special tokens, which are called NFTs. You can purchase Lory NFTs from an exclusive selection of only 100 limited editions.
Once a week, 10 NFT tokens will be randomly selected from 100 random tokens, the owners of which will receive additional rewards for farming the LORY pool.

All winners will be chosen randomly using an algorithm which ensures fairness.
How It Works
Participate in the Lory IDO

Upon completion of the IDO, 2% of your assets will be unfrozen every 24 hours.
Staking pools
Place your tokens in one of the Lory staking pools and earn profit 24 hours a day, everyday.
5% of all Lory tokens from staking pools will be added the community prize pool.
Buy NFT on the Marketplace
Buy one or more NFTs from the exclusive 100 cute Lories collection.

Win the Game
If you have Lory NFT, you have a chance to receive rewards from the prize pool.